Elestrals will release Elestrals TCG starters and booster boxes into retail in June 2024.

Elestrals TCG is a new game that was funded on Kickstarter initially, bringing in $1,470,355 from 7,530 backers (about $195 per backer). In this game, players have been chosen to become the champions of the Gods and have been bestowed the ability to summon powerful elemental spirits known as Elestrals. These spirits will help players harness the power of nature, cast runes, and wield items that will help them defeat their opponent. The gameplay features a mash-up of the best of Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and Magic: The Gathering mechanics, refined into a single Spirit deck system.

The first products heading to retail for this game are 1E starters and booster displays. There are five different starters to choose from (each showcasing a different Elestral): Centaurbor, Trifernal, Majesea, Ohmperial, or Penterror. The starters will retail for $19.99 each. Booster displays come with 36 packs, with 10 cards in each pack. They will retail for $129.99.

A Frostfall expansion will head to retail alongside the 1E booster set. This set features an array of icy creatures as well as two new starter decks: Kryoscorch and Emperowatt. The Frostfall boosters will retail for $129.99 and the starters will be $24.99 each.