Jeph Loeb and an all-star team of artists will draw the "final chapter" in the Batman The Long Halloween storyline as a tribute to the late Tim Sale, Loeb's collaborator on the original 13-issue series published in 1996 and 1997 (Sale passed away in 2022, see "R.I.P. Tim Sale").  The story in the new series follows the story in Batman: The Long Halloween Special, a 48-page prestige comic by Loeb and Sale released in 2021 (see "New ‘Batman: The Long Halloween Special’").

Batman The Long Halloween: The Last Halloween, a new 10-issue series, will launch with a first issue on September 25.

The collection of the original series remains a best-seller to this day, nearly 30 years later (see "BookScan Top 20 Superhero Titles – February 2024").

"Batman The Long Halloween: The Last Halloween is Tim Sale’s parting gift to me," Loeb said of the new series.  "Tim and I had already decided to tell this last chapter following Batman: The Long Halloween Special, which will serve as the prologue to this 10-part action-packed mystery.  Tim’s unfortunate passing put our plans for this series on hold. About a year later, after speaking with Mark Chiarello and Richard Starkings, my partners on the previous Long Halloween titles, we decided the time was right to move this forward as a tribute to Tim, who continues to be with us in spirit."

The story will complete the war between the freaks and crime families, with Batman, Robin, and various Bat-villains facing off against Holiday.

The first issue will feature art by Eduardo Risso, Dave Stewart and Richard Starkings, with covers by Sale and Risso.  Artists for future issues will include Klaus Janson, Mark Chiarello, and others.

Click Gallery below for full-size covers of the first three issues!