Severed Toys and Stockholm Kartell launched a new line of Mork Borg action figures onto Kickstarter, with a scheduled delivery date of October 2025.

Just when it seemed the artpunk phenomenon Mork Borg (see "'MORK BORG'") was all out of surprises, Severed Toys and Stockholm Kartell show up and offer up four brand-new Dread Risen action figures, based on the cover of the first book.  The new seven inch, fully-articulated figure offerings include a standard Dread Risen, a Blood Drenched version, a Glow-in-the-Dark version, and a fully-blacked out Cursed version.  Each of the action figures come with their own zine written by the creators of Mork Borg, Johan Nohr and Pelle Nilsson.

As of the publication of this article, the Kickstarter stands fully-funded at $103,647 with 1,178 backers (about $88 per backer).  There are a Copper, Silver, and Gold retail tiers for this project, each of which offer different numbers of figures plus add-ons.

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