Wizards of the Coast unveiled their Magic: The Gathering Gen Con 2024 promos, which will be available at the convention from August 1-4, 2024.

This year, Secret Lair Showdown (see " MagicCon Chicago") will make an appearance at Gen Con 2024 in the form of a Legacy Constructed qualifiers with a 32-person championship event on Sunday.  The Secret Lair play promo for these qualifier events will be a Spell Pierce card with art by Michael Koehler.  Players who make it to the championship event will receive a Murktide Regent promo with art by Rowynn Ellis, and the winner of the event will earn a Dark Ritual promo with artwork by Wizard of Barge.

There will be over 400 Magic events at Gen Con this year, ranging from classic Win-a-Box events to Regional Championship Qualifiers.  Players who enter events that cost $40 or more will receive a Lightning Bolt promo that has art rendered by manga and graphic novel artist Toru Terada (see "'Black Box Chronicles'").  This promo can also be obtained by purchasing the Secret Lair: Burning Revelations drop set from the Hasbro Pulse booth, which contains an Inspiring Overseer, Consider, Price of Glory, Reckless Fireweaver, and Akroma's Memorial with artwork by Ricardo Cavolo.

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