Asmodee will release Altered TCG, a new TCG by Equinox, into retail on September 13, 2024.

Altered TCG originally hit the scene via Kickstarter where it raised over $6.7 million (see "'Altered TCG' Kickstarter Ends").  This brand-new TCG features a colorful fantasy world where players choose a faction and lead them on a frantic race.  The game includes some level of innovation as Equinox will print-on-demand decks and run a global marketplace for players to trade, sell, and buy the cards.

The TCG comes in two different SKU types: booster displays and starter deck displays.  The booster displays have 36 packs with 12 cards each in them.  Each display, on average, will have 36 hero cards, 288 commons cards, over 100 rare cards, and 4 or 5 unique cards.  Displays will retail for $143.64.

Starter deck displays come with six different faction decks.  The decks contain 40 cards, a rule leaflet, a playmat, 5 Adventure cards, 2 Reminder cards, a Foiler cards, and some markers.  The display will retail for $89.94.