Wizards of the Coast updated booster set details for Magic: The Gathering - Assassin's Creed, which will hit stores on July 5, 2024.

Less than a month after Modern Horizons 3 hit stores (see "'Modern Horizons 3'"), WotC will roll out a rather unique set Universes Beyond set that features characters, items and places from Ubisoft's megahit video game series Assassin's Creed.  Possibly the most interesting part of this set is that it brings historical figures (found in the video game series) into Magic: The Gathering, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Cleopatra (see "'Assassins Creed'").

The set will consist of 54 uncommons, 37 rares (which include 5 rare dual lands), and 14 mythic rares.  There will also be a Starter Kit available that has an additional 2 mythic rares, 6 rares, 8 uncommons, and 9 commons exclusive to it.  This set will also have a full 10-land cycle of full-art basics, and contains no common cards.  It will be legal in the Modern, Commander, Legacy, and Vintage formats.

This is the first set with Beyond Boosters, which are 7-card packs where collectors will find 1-4 rare or higher cards, 3-5 uncommons, and 0-1 lands.  These packs feature classic characters and artifacts from the Assassin's Creed game series plus the showcase treatments for the set: Scene cards and Borderless Memory Corridor cards.  The Scene cards are similar to the borderless cards produced for the Tales of Middle-earth set (see "Tales of Middle-earth'") as they come together to produce a full-art scene.  The Borderless Memory Corridor cards are a little more specific to the aesthetic of Assassin's Creed as these cards feature the virtual empty space within the Animus in the background.

The Collector Booster packs for this set include an array of textured foils, foil-etched cards, extended art cards, and serialized cards.  The textured foils, this time around, will be versions of the Memory Corridor showcase cards, and serialized foils will be the historical figure cards.  The WPN release foil promo for this set will be a traditional foil Hidden Blade card.

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