WizKids will release two new HeroClix Iconix sets, one for DC and one for Marvel, into retail in Q3 2024.

Superman Up, Up, and Away! features the Man of Steel alongside his time-honored dressing room, the telephone booth, as terrain piece.  It is a throwback to the Golden Age, when phone booths existed in mass and weren't reserved solely for time travel.  The set comes with a Superman figure, a Phone Booth terrain piece, and the appropriate character card.  It will arrive in August 2024 and retail for $19.99.

Captain America from the Ice offers players a recently defrosted Captain America alongside a figure on him in his icy tomb.  It comes with two figures and 2 HeroClix cards in a window display box.  This set will hit retail in September 2024 and retail for $24.99.

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