New Company Quimbley's Toys & Games is taking over as publisher of Petersen Games titles and plans a slate of products tied to the work of Frank Frazetta, the company announced.

Petersen Games, publisher of games designed by famed designer Sandy Petersen, especially titles tied to the Cthulhu mythos (see "Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos’") has not released new games since 2020 due to "financial setbacks," according to the announcement.  Quimbley's has now entered into an exclusive agreement with Petersen Games to produce, market, and distribute the design studio's games.  Petersen Games titles are now in stock at Quimbley's.

Quimbley's has also taken over responsibility to satisfy all Petersen Games Kickstarter projects, including Hyperspace, The Gods War 2, Eternal Adversary, Dinosaur 1944, Return to Planet Apocalypse and the 2nd edition of Startropolis.  It has already fulfilled Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 4.

In addition to its relationship with Petersen Games, Quimbley's also plans to release multiple new games and merchandise based on the paintings of Frank Frazetta and has distributed the Frazetta Tarot card in this article as a teaser.  The company also has an agreement to release products based on the science fiction books of artist and author Steven Heumann.