Variety is reporting that the Wachowski brothers have commissioned several different anime directors to create anime 'episodes' for The Matrix.  The plan appears to be to build momentum for the release of the second Matrix film by releasing the Matrix anime films on DVD in late 2002.  So far the studio has not released any information about the anime directors (and studios) who are participating in the program.  While it will probably be several more months before the studio announces the full details of the program, the mere fact that anime has become part of the strategy to keep the Matrix franchise fresh is testimony to the increasing respect that anime has earned here in the U.S. and in Hollywood in particular.


With the next theatrical installment of the Matrix saga ( tentatively titled, Matrix Reloaded) not due until 2003, Warner Bros. is releasing a Matrix: Revisited DVD (see 'New Matrix DVD') with lots of extra features including a preview of the new Matrix feature and of something called 'Animatrix.'  The Matrix: Revisited is obviously an attempt by Warners to keep the Matrix property firmly planted in the minds of the solid core of fans that have made The Matrix the bestselling DVD of all time (see 'Early Bird Catches the Worm'), but it now turns out that Warners and Wachowski Brothers have a few other cards up their sleeve.  Keep checking with ICv2 to learn the latest details about The Matrix and other key science fiction properties.