The new issue of Anime Insider, which hits comic book stores today, reveals that FUNimation Productions has acquired the license for the Tsubasa Chronicle TV series as well as for the Tsubasa Chronicle and XXXholic movies.  Based on the popular Clamp manga (rated as the #6 manga property in the most recent ICv2 Retailers Guide to Anime & Manga) and produced by Bee Train and Production I.G., the 26-episode (so far) Tsubasa Chronicle anime series debuted in 2005 and has been renewed for 2006.


Clamp's Tsubasa Chronicle and XXXholic manga series feature frequent crossovers from characters in the two series as well as from previous Clamp releases, and the anime series and movies reportedly do as well.  So far FUNimation has not announced whether it has also licensed the second season of the Tsubasa Chronicle TV anime or the XXXholic TV anime series, which will debut in Japan this April.