Just a week after it debuted on the Cartoon Network, the anime Outlaw Star reached #54 on the Lycos chart of computer searches for the week ending January 20, 2001.  Produced by Sunrise Animation, Outlaw Star is a gritty, rough and tumble outer space adventure, which has been toned down somewhat for US television, but remains an action-packed delight.  Amazingly, after one week on the Cartoon Network, Outlaw Star was polling ahead of South Park (#56), Sailor Moon (#57), and Gundam Wing (#61).


Dragonball Z remains in the top spot again this week.  Although the property has been around for a few years, DBZ has found a home on the Cartoon Network, where it is now seen in over a million households every night.  The bloom may be off the rose, but DBZ shows every sign of being a perennial with lots of potential blooming left.  Remember there are some 500 episodes available from Japan.


Other frequently searched topics of interest included: Pokemon coming back strong to #7, WWF solid at #11, Playstation 2 at #22, Harry Potter at #25, the Lord of the Rings movie at #28, and the Simpsons at #29.