It's been a big week for video downloads.  On Monday, Amazon announced its new video download service, with Bandai the first anime company to offer content through the service.  On Tuesday, Apple announced that it would begin offering filmed content from Disney on its iTunes site in addition to the TV fare it had been selling (none of the Miyazaki titles Disney distributes in the States are on the site yet).  And on Wednesday, Central Park Media announced that it is making several anime available on Google's new video service, currently in beta.

The CPM offerings include Black Jack:  Biohazard, M.D. Geist, Project A-KO, and Battle Arena Toshinden, among others.  Prices are $19.99 to own roughly 1.5 hours of content, or $1.99 for a 'day pass' for the same content.

Given the pace with which new Web download options are proliferating, we hope that those that believe the increased availability will expand the audience for DVD content are correct.