In celebration of International Women's Day, Marvel Comics is excited to show off 10 different variant covers for several upcoming titles shipping this April and featuring artwork by some of the brightest female artists in the industry.


  1.  Black Panther #1 by YASMINE PUTRI
  2.  Doctor Aphra #21 by ASHLEY WITTE
  3.  Hunt For Wolverine #1 by ELIZABETH TORQUE
  4.  Life of Captain Marvel #1 by SANA TAKEDA
  5.  Marvel Rising #1 by GURIHIRU
  6.  Marvel Rising #1 by GURIHIRU
  7.  Marvel Rising Connecting Cover by RIAN GONZALES
  8.  Moon Knight #196 by BECKY CLOONAN
  9.  The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #33 by ERICA HENDERSON
  10.  Tales of Suspense #104 by YASMINE PUTRI

Click on the Gallery below to see the 10 covers celebrating International Women's Day.