Fantastic Four #1
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: August 8, 2019
Cover Price: $5.99
Writer: Dan Slott
Artists: Sara Pichelli & Various
Varaint cover(s): Artgerm
Format: 56 pgs., Full-Color
Rating: Teen

"Fourever" Part One.

Since the end of Secret Wars, there's been a gap in the Marvel Universe.  A void no other team can fill. And it's time for the world to move on.  But can it?  A life-changing decision by the Thing!  A momentous declaration by the Human Torch!  A clarion call-to-arms that summons Doctor Doom!  And a signal in the sky that heralds the return of hope to the Marvel Universe!  All this, and Alicia Masters adopts kittens!  So cute!  Plus, the Impossible Man!

Bonus stories illustrated by Simone Bianchi and Skottie Young!

Note:  Retailer must meet or exceed 275% of orders for Avengers #3 (APR180754) with orders for Fantastic Four #1 regular cover and these Artgerm variants are order all you want.

Description of preview: 4 total covers