Don't miss the Black Cat arc of Amazing Spider-Man, beginning this October from Marvel Comics.

Black Cat didn't commit the crime… but Spider-Man will need to befriend his once-foe-once-friend-once-crime-boss Felicia Hardy if he wants to solve this case!

Coming this October and November, join Peter and Felicia Hardy in Amazing Spider-Man's Black Cat arc, featuring two new variant covers by J.G. Jones (with colors by Paul Mounts), Mike Wieringo (with inks by Tim Townsend and colors by Jason Keith) and a Hidden Gem variant by J. Scott Campbell (with colors by Nei Ruffino).

Amazing Spider-Man #8 on sale October 24.  Amazing Spider-Man #9 on sale November 14.  Amazing Spider-Man #10 on sale November 28.

Description of preview: 3 total pages (3 covers).