Publisher Description.  Everyone is talking about Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe!

Packed with fascinating versions of iconic Marvel characters and set in an unfamiliar world that was crafted by the Maker to be free of super heroes, Marvel's new Ultimate line has been a mega success—demanding multiple printings, capturing the excitement of longtime readers, and providing exciting entry points for new fans!

Each issue has peeled back another layer of how twisted this new Earth is and how hard its burgeoning heroes will need to work to get it back on track.  Right now, get a sneak peek at what's to come with cover reveals and synopses for August's four Ultimate issues.

Ultimate Black Panther #7
Written by Bryan Hill
Art and Cover by Stefano Caselli
"WAR OF THE KINGDOMS" STARTS HERE!  While T’Challa has sought to grow his power, so too have the forces of Moon Knight…  And with access to a unique new resource, Ra and Khonshu are stronger than ever!  How will Wakanda stand in its resistance against the kings of the Upper and Lower Kingdoms?  And is T’Challa prepared to bear the consequences of tapping into such dangerous wells of power?

Ultimates #3
Written by Deniz Camp
Art by Juan Frigeri
Cover by Dike Ruan
INTRODUCING... THE SHE-HULK!  The Ultimates search for a means of destroying the Maker’s most powerful pawn, the Hulk!  And in the process they uncover an army of Hulks hidden away from the world… with She-Hulk at the helm!

Ultimate Spider-Man #8
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art and Cover by Marco Checchetto
KINGPIN’S SINISTER SIX!  Kingpin gathers a team to deal with his masked-vigilante problem...  But a group of super villains isn’t the only challenge Spider-Man will face! Meanwhile, Green Goblin joins forces with…Doc Ock?

Ultimate X-Men #6
Written by Peach Momoko
Art and Cover by Peach Momoko
THE ACTION-PACKED FINALE OF THE FIRST ARC!  Armor, Maystorm and the rest of the team hunt down the mysterious shadow!  But is this group of scrappy teens prepared to face true darkness?  And don't miss the reveal of the final member of the group on the last page!

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