Publisher Description.  The mutant landscape of the Marvel Universe has changed dramatically!  With the fall of Krakoa, the new From the Ashes era is on the horizon—home to new team books and solo series, each embracing different missions and methods to survive a world that fears them now more than ever.  Harkening back to classic X-Men storytelling while embracing the franchise's modern evolution, From the Ashes is an exciting fresh start for longtime fans and newcomers alike!

In addition to the launch of Exceptional X-Men, Dazzler, and Wolverine, September will be a monumental month with key revelations and debuts in upcoming From the Ashes series.  Here's what fans can look forward to:

NYX #3
Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing
Art by Francesco Mortarino
Stand Together or Die Alone!  To Anole – Last night, a mutant was killed in Greenpoint.  His name was Shay, but he could have been any of us.  I hope you'll come to the memorial.  We have to show up for each other – or it’s gonna be guys like the Truthseekers who decide what happens to mutants in New York City.  I know it’s different for you. How much you risk just leaving the house every day.  And I know you hate all this super hero stuff.  But this is a fight worth fighting. – Kamala.

Phoenix #3
Written by Stephanie Phillips
Art by Alessandro Miracolo
Death From Above... And Below?!  Saving a planet full of kidnapping victims who’ve disappeared from the gaudy whirlwind of Gameworld – seems like just another day in space for Jean Grey!  Though… she did get the tip-off from her less-than-forthright father-in-law, legendary pirate Corsair of the Starjammers crew… and the kidnappers are none other than the children of Thanos themselves, the dread Black Order.  And yet… somehow… it’s all about to get a whole lot worse!

Uncanny X-Men #2
Written by Gail Simone
Art by David Marquez
Who Are The Outliers?  From the Ashes continues as Rogue, Gambit, and Wolverine welcome a friend back, just in time to face four uncontrollable and wild mutants in the swamps of Louisiana!  But with the mutant community disheartened and fractured, will even the Uncanny X-Men be enough to stop them?  Something huge is starting, and it begins right here!

Uncanny X-Men #3
Written by Gail Simone
Art by David Marquez
Catch The Elf!  When new, lethally powerful and completely untrained young mutants show up on Rogue’s doorstep with no knowledge of how they got there, a grieving Rogue seeks to take Xavier’s place in guiding them to the light… while darkness from the past returns to destroy the X-Men, one at a time!

X-Factor #2
Written by Mark Russell
Art by Bob Quinn
Polaris Vs. X-Factor!  There’s a new mutant rebellion, and Polaris is at the forefront of it all!  But how do they know so much about X-Factor’s classified missions?  Havok must seek out a traitor on the team… but how can he if it’s him?!

X-Force #3
Written by Geoffrey Thorne
Art by Marcus To
The Nuklo Option!  X-Force’s biggest mission yet brings them to the brink of destruction at the hands of Nuklo!  But when Nuklo’s mysterious rampage conflicts with the world-threatening Fracture Node detected by Forge, what sacrifice will X-Force make to complete their no-win mission?  Secrets, surprises, team drama and nonstop action make X-Force the hottest book of the summer!

X-Men #4
Written by Jed Mackay
Art by Ryan Stegman
They Kill For Kicks & They Kill For Clicks!  "Hello, internet – it’s your boy, Trevor Fitzroy!  That’s right, Trevor Fitzroy and the Upstarts, out there delivering the content you crave: livestreamed, bespoke, mutant murder in high-def!  And best of all, you, the viewers, are the ones rating the kills!  So smash that like button, hit subscribe and tell us who the number-one killer is!”

Avengers #18
Written By Jed Mackay
Art By Valerio Schiti
Storm Against Hyperion!  New Avengers member Storm has joined the team just in time to deal with catastrophe… And she’ll need to call in other mutants to help against this world-ending threat!  A who’s who of the Marvel Universe must unite against the supreme power of Hyperion!  And someone steps OFF the Avengers…

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