First Issue Spotlights Jabba the Hutt
November 17, 2022
Each one-shot features a different character, starting with Jabba the Hutt.
Column by Steve Bennett
November 16, 2022
This week, columnist Steve Bennett offers up his annual article about the upcoming Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
As Consumers Shift Back to Brick and Mortar
November 16, 2022
Amazon is laying off around 10,000 employees, as consumers shift back to brick-and-mortar stores for their holiday purchases.
Plus New Hardcover and Direct-Market-Exclusive Collected Editions
November 10, 2022
DC Comics also plans two collected editions of the first arc, a hardcover and a direct-market-exclusive paperback.
The Market and Why Periodical Comics May Have Outlived Their Usefulness, the Distribution Move, Creator Imprints, and Future Projects
November 10, 2022
We caught up with Dark Horse Comics CEO Mike Richardson for our first interview since the company was acquired by Embracer Group.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
November 7, 2022
Here are some thoughts on news stories that caught my eye over the past couple of weeks.
Joining Kadokawa's Growing U.S. Portfolio
November 7, 2022
This transaction marks a significant expansion of Kadokawa's U.S. portfolio.
'D&D' Movie Takes 'Scream 6's' Schedule Slot; Potentially Lowers Similar Genre Competition at Box Office
November 7, 2022
Paramount Pictures pushed the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves theatrical release date back.
Geek Showbiz Round Up
November 7, 2022
As Mariah Carey once again pointed out on Halloween, "It's Time" for the holiday season, and it's also time for another showbiz round-up!
Due to 'Broader Economic Climate'
November 4, 2022
Funko, Inc. reported sharply higher inventory, with mass chains delaying or canceling orders, in its Q3 report and conference call, citing "the broader economic climate."
Column by Steve Bennett
November 2, 2022
This week, columnist Steve Bennett talks Disney Comics and their new titles, Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck published via Dynamite Entertainment.