Geek Movie Round-Up
April 19, 2019
We round up geek movie news from recent days, with news of one movie shut down and others moving ahead.
DC Universe's First Series Comes to Home Entertainment
April 17, 2019
DC Universe’s first live-action drama series Titans will release to the home entertainment market.
How Do You Spank A Superhero?
April 17, 2019
Amazon has released the trailer for The Boys.
Who Will Win This Spy vs Spys Confrontation?
April 17, 2019
Dynamite Entertainment will launch a Charlie’s Angels/ Bionic Woman miniseries in July.
Charles Soule, Greg Pak, Phil Noto, Tom Taylor, G. Willow Wilson
April 15, 2019
At Star Wars Celebration, Marvel made several announcements regarding the comic line, which is adding some big-name talent.
Funds for Global, Digital, Other Expansion
April 15, 2019
Loeb.ncy's investment will provide funds for global, digital, and other expansion, Ace Universe co-founder Gareb Shamus told ICv2.
Ahead of Movie Adaptation
April 15, 2019
DC Comics will release a new edition of Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle’s Vertigo comic series The Kitchen.
'Star Wars' News Round-Up
April 15, 2019
We round up more news from Star Wars Celebration week, along with a video and lots of images.
Week of April 16, 2019
April 14, 2019
This week’s home entertainment offerings include the final film in M. Night Shyamalan’s superhero-themed Unbreakable trilogy, an underrated Arthurian fantasy for kids, a Keanu Reeves science fiction box office bomb, and the #3 anime movie of all time in the domestic theatrical market.
Third Time Is No Charm for Mignola's Demon Hero
April 14, 2019
Warner Bros. kid-friendly superhero film Shazam! topped the box office for the second week in a row as only one of four new films over-performed.
Planned for Q3
April 13, 2019
Fantasy Flight Games will release six expansions as Star Wars X-Wing 2E Wave V in Q3.