Column by Steve Bennett
September 1, 2021
This week, columnist Steve Bennett discusses the history of the X-Men's "Krakoan Age" as well as the Marvel mutants' change in cultural perspective.
As Kawasaki Joins Media Do International, Subsidiary of Digital Manga Giant
August 30, 2021
Former VIZ Media, Loot Crate, and Funimation executive Beth Kawasaki joined Media Do International, San Diego-based subsidiary of digital manga distribution giant Media Do Co., Ltd., as Executive Director of Content and Marketing.
Netflix Live-Action Series Drops in November
August 29, 2021
With Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop scheduled to premiere in November Titan Comics announced a trio of tie-ins.
Column by Steve Bennett
August 25, 2021
This week, columnist Steve Bennett looks at two Tom Taylor comics and a new animated series as they seek relevance.
Featuring the Nation of the Dragon Empire
August 22, 2021
The Sealed Blaze Maiden start deck features a new Ride line for the Dragon Empire as used by Mirei Minae in the second season of the CardFight!! Vanguard overDress anime.
'Dune - Adventures in the Imperium: Sand and Dust'
August 19, 2021
Modiphius Entertainment will release Dune - Adventures in the Imperium: Sand and Dust.
Pandemic Accelerates Trend
August 19, 2021
The Covid pandemic turbocharged Amazon’s growth, while providing Walmart much more modest gains.
Column by Steve Bennett
August 18, 2021
This week, Steve Bennett discusses the nature of The Batman and takes a look a his potential future role for DC.
Vax or Negative COVID Test Result for C2E2 and ECCC
August 17, 2021
C2E2 and Emerald City participants and attendees must show proof that either they have been fully vaccinated or that they have recently tested negative for COVID-19.