Erin Martin, the PR & Marketing Manager for Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) released a statement of support to Gen Con CEO/Owner Adrian Swartout on her recent statements condemning the bill allowing discrimination against gay customers on religious grounds (see "Gen Con Threatens to Leave Indianapolis").

GAMA (The Game Manufacturers Association) wholly supports Gen Con’s courageous position concerning Indiana bill SB101 and the convention’s future association with Indianapolis if Governor Mike Pence signs the bill into law.  GAMA’s member manufacturers make up a substantial portion of Gen Con’s exhibitors and annually look forward to interacting with all game enthusiasts at the show.  GAMA and its members have supported Gen Con since the association’s inception in 1977, and back Gen Con’s decision on SB101.

"The gaming industry has always been open to anyone with a love of games.  Each year our audience grows more and more diverse," said GAMA’s Executive Director John Ward.  "Gen Con’s choosing to take a stand for fair treatment for all of their attendees is simply the right and proper thing to do."

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