Dan Barnett, of Walt’s Cards in Baltimore, Maryland read Scott Thorne’s recently column expressing confusion over Konami’s choice to schedule a Yu-Gi-Oh! Sneak Peek and Demo Day the same day (see "Rolling for Initiative--FCBD vs. FRPGD and the Confusion of Konami") and had this to say:

I read Mr. Thorne's article this morning and must disagree when he cites Konami confusion in the joint scheduling of the Sneak Peek and the Demo Day.

Konami has a one entry per person rule.  At Walt's we routinely have "big brother" bring "Mom," "little brother," "little sister," and any other warm body to the store to sign up and give him the cards.  He thus gets the benefits of multiple entries while conforming to the rule.  Now we can debate the wisdom of that rule another time.  As it currently stands, the little ones are sitting around bored until "Mom" drags them out.

Not so with the joint scheduling.  The "little ones" can go to the set off area and learn to play Yu-Gi-Oh! in an atmosphere much less competitive than the Sneak Peek.  They'll get their own cards to play with.  The guys playing in the Sneak Peek know the game and have no reason to attend the Demo Day.

Those needing to learn the game have no skill in building a deck out of 5 packs and so use the Sneak Peek to get the cards but not play with them.

I see the events as attracting different skill levels of Yu-Gi-Oh! players.

Complementary, not competitive.