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As Newsstand Sales Decline
April 16, 2001
As ICv2 has reported previously, sales of magazines through the newsstand distribution channel have been declining for the past decade. Now Advertising Age has published an Audit Bureau of Circulation survey of the paid circulation of the top 200 magazines showing more stable circulations over the past six months--only five of the top ten magazines showed declines.
Quantity Estimates Based on Diamond Indexes and External Title Data
April 10, 2001
This article contains a chart showing the top 300 comic titles ordered from Diamond North America based on Diamond's reported title indexes and external title data, and interpolation of the remaining numbers.
Diamond's Top Merchant Talks Pop Culture Merchandise
February 27, 2001
In this interview, Schanes talks about his career, the market trends in major pop culture product categories, Diamond's plans for product selections in the coming year, and what he sees as the next hot thing.
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