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'Credit Where Credit is Due'
September 29, 2011
Mark Craddock of Comic Book World comments on recent WotC allocations.
Column by Dan Yarrington
September 9, 2011
This week, Yarrington talks about the new Planeswalker Points program from WotC.
Will Include Exclusive, Playable, Alternate Art Cards
September 1, 2011
IDW's new M:TG comic will feature exclusive, playable alt-art cards.
Column by Scott Thorne
June 19, 2011
This week, Thorne reports on Free RPG Day in his store.
Integrating Digital & Analog
June 15, 2011
M:TG Brand Manager Paul Levy talks integration of Duels of the Planeswalkers & Magic: The Gathering .
Closely Linked With 'Magic 2012 Core Set'
May 24, 2011
The digital Magic: The Gatheing--Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 is closely linked to 2012 Core Set.
Column by Scott Thorne
May 16, 2011
This week, Thorne talks about some recent game releases.
May 13, 2011
Matthia McCracken of The Comic Book Shop shares this FCBD report.
Column by Scott Thorne
May 8, 2011
This week, Thorne reports on how FCBD and the Magic pre-release went at his store.
Column by Dan Yarrington
April 22, 2011
This week, Yarrington shares a valuable sales technique.
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