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Premium Figure by WizKids
November 4, 2021
WizKids will release Magic: The Gathering Miniatures: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - Lolth, the Spider Queen, a premium figure, into retail in February 2022.
Adds Value to 'Crimson Vow Set Boosters'
November 8, 2021
Wizards of the Coast updated The List, a curated list of cards that can be found in Set Boosters, starting with the upcoming Innistrad: Crimson Vow set.
Over 750 Players Turn Out for a Double Main Event Weekend
November 9, 2021
Legend Story Studios announced the winner of the first Flesh and Blood TCG U.S. Championship.
Sequel to Cult Movie to Feature Art by 'Judge Dredd' Artist Henry Flint
November 10, 2021
The six-issue series will follow directly from the events of the 1980 British film Hawk the Slayer and will feature art by Judge Dredd artist Henry Flint.
Leading to December Release
November 16, 2021
Sony has released a second trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, leading up to the planned release of the movie on December 17.
Through Their Second DTC Campaign
November 18, 2021
TCGplayer and Legend Story Studios raised $100,000 for FLGS through their most recent DTC campaign.
Decades of Card Game Experience
November 24, 2021
ChannelFireball has partnered with Premier Card Grading to combine their decades of experience in the trading card industry with cutting-edge grading technology and processes to deliver a truly premier experience.
Column by Scott Thorne
December 6, 2021
This week, columnist Scott Thorne updates the inbound freight situation and asks publishers to avoid big in-store events in December.
'Pokemon TCG' Products Tops Again
December 6, 2021
Products from three different Pokemon TCG ranges were the most actively bought and sold sealed TCG products in November 2021.
Also, Teases Future Services Expansion to Include 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' and 'Nostalgix'
December 8, 2021
CGC Trading Cards announced that it will expand its authentication, grading, and encapsulation services to include more TCGs beyond Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon.
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