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Appellate Court Decision Unanimous
June 23, 2005
An Appellate Court panel of five judges unanimously agreed that Judge Charles Ramos had overstepped his bounds in a ruling in the lawsuit brought by Brian Hibbs against Marvel Comics in which the Judge rejected the settlement worked out by the two sides.
Ruling on Appeal By June
February 14, 2005
Retailer Brian Hibbs' class action lawsuit against Marvel Comics (for failure to accept returns) has been dealt a setback by the presiding judge.
Hidden Gems Available For Retailers
April 11, 2004
The 16th annual Eisner Award nominees have been announced.
Strong Support for the CMAA
May 16, 2001
Marvel's unilateral decision to withdraw from the CMAA (Comics Magazine Association of America) and the Comics Code has brought forth strong statements of support for the organization from its other members.
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