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DVD Round-Up: Week of September 13th
September 11, 2011
Can Thor beat The Force?
Lucas Just Can't Keep From Tinkering
September 1, 2011
George Lucas can't refrain from tinkering with his Star Wars films.
Due Out in Q4
July 29, 2008
Diamond Select Toys unveiled its 1/4 scale Star W ars figures at San Diego.
Debuting in Theaters on August 15th
February 11, 2008
The Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated feature film will debut in theaters on August 15th.
Hasbro Gets Light Sabers
January 12, 2008
Lucas Licensing announced that it has awarded licenses for Star Wars collectables to newcomer eFX and master toy licensee Hasbro, with new products due out this year.
Gets Plenty of Press
November 21, 2007
Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman's Shooting War graphic novel has managed to snag a lot of favorable publicity.
For its CMG and RPG
May 24, 2007
Wizards of the Coast announced its line-up of Star Wa rs products for the rest of 2007.
Maquettes & More
February 20, 2006
Master Replicas is expanding its offerings for 2006 thanks to an agreement with the Disney Studio.
Column by Steven Bates
March 1, 2005
This week, Bates goes into hyperdrive over the rumors that a Star Wars TV show, or even a Star Wars channel, may be on the horizon.
Clone War Figures Are Target Exclusives
September 30, 2003
Hasbro is showing off its new Star Wars figures for the spring of 2004. With the final chapter in the Star Wars saga set for a summer 2005 release, things should start to heat up in the Star Wars domain next summer.
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