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'Venus Versus Virus,' 'Moonlight Mile,' 'Jing, King of Bandits'
July 23, 2007
ADV announced three new North American releases for 2008.
Now Self-Contained Miniseries
January 18, 2006
Marvel has announced that it is repositioning its Marvel Knights imprint as a showcase for self-contained limited series featuring characters 'off the beaten path.'
Chrono Crusade, Peacemaker on Showtime
July 4, 2005
Neon Genesis Evangelion will be shown on Adult Swim in the coming months; start date has yet to be determined.
Includes CHS Manga With Free Mini-DVD
January 11, 2005
ADV is offering direct market retailers a Cromartie High P.O.P. Floor Display with copies of the CHS manga with free Mini-DVDs.
Via Adelphia's 1.2 Million Households
October 13, 2004
The Anime Network, which is the first North American channel devoted entirely to anime, has just enlarged its reach in Southern California thanks to an agreement with cable giant Adelphia Communications, which reaches an estimated 1.2 million SoCal households.
Premiering Tonight
October 11, 2004
G4/Tech TV's Anime Unleashed is introducing another hot new anime series this week.
Four Anime-Inspired Designs
October 7, 2004
ADV Toys has announced four Cosplay Caps -- a novel new form of headgear featuring designs based on anime characters.
Latest From Cowboy Bebop Director
September 14, 2004
Geneon is planning a January release of the first DVD collection of the 26-episode Samurai Champloo anime.
Should Appeal to Kenshin Fans
May 17, 2004
ADV Films has announced the licensing of the Studio Gonzo samurai epic Peacemaker Kurogane .
Moving Past 'Video On Demand'
May 3, 2004
The Anime Network will make the leap from VOD to a straight cable station.
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