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Via Adelphia's 1.2 Million Households
October 13, 2004
The Anime Network, which is the first North American channel devoted entirely to anime, has just enlarged its reach in Southern California thanks to an agreement with cable giant Adelphia Communications, which reaches an estimated 1.2 million SoCal households.
Premiering Tonight
October 11, 2004
G4/Tech TV's Anime Unleashed is introducing another hot new anime series this week.
Four Anime-Inspired Designs
October 7, 2004
ADV Toys has announced four Cosplay Caps -- a novel new form of headgear featuring designs based on anime characters.
Latest From Cowboy Bebop Director
September 14, 2004
Geneon is planning a January release of the first DVD collection of the 26-episode Samurai Champloo anime.
Should Appeal to Kenshin Fans
May 17, 2004
ADV Films has announced the licensing of the Studio Gonzo samurai epic Peacemaker Kurogane .
Moving Past 'Video On Demand'
May 3, 2004
The Anime Network will make the leap from VOD to a straight cable station.
Including Gunparade March & Peacemaker Kurogane
March 29, 2004
ADV Manga today announced the acquisition of 37 new manga titles.
Peace, Man
March 5, 2003
This is an open letter from Marvel President and COO Bill Jemas regarding Marvel's April-debuting 3-issue anthology 411.
411 Title Celebrates Peacemakers
January 19, 2003
Marvel is about to pay tribute 'to the world's least-heralded heroes -- the peacemakers' in a three-issue mini-series entitled simply 411 .
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