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Ultraman Returns
February 6, 2001
4Kids Entertainment, the American licensee and packager of Pokemon, announced the production of three Japanese series for the American market.
SundayTimes Decries Cartoon Violence
February 1, 2001
An article by Jim Rothenberg sensationally entitled 'A Wave of Violence Engulfs Children's Cartoon Programs' graced the front page of the Sunday, January 28 th New York Times.
2001 Movies with Merchandising Potential
May 1, 2001
Here's a list of what appear to be, at this moment, the best merchandising opportunities among 2001 movie releases.
DBZ Still #1
January 31, 2001
Just a week after it debuted on the Cartoon Network, the anime Outlaw Star reached #54 on the Lycos chart of computer searches for the week ending January 20, 2001.
Diamond VP-Marketing Talks Markets and Trends for 2001
February 1, 2001
We asked Fletcher what the new trends for 2001 would be. Find out what he said.
Dragonball Nearly Takes it all
February 6, 2001
Internet users looking for information about their favorite interests searched for Dragonball more than any other topic except Britney Spears in 2000, according to the Lycos 50 top searches for 2000.
World According to Griepp--August, 2000
August 14, 2000
Japanese properties are booming--with a major impact on U.S. pop culture.
Can Tie-ins Rebound from a Down Year?
February 8, 2001
Whatever the labor situation in Hollywood, it should be an interesting year in the theatres where an unusually heavy diet of sequels and remakes will be enlivened (we hope) by some great directors.
New Anime Coming Our Way
February 6, 2001
A raft of new anime titles, including the highly anticipated Earth Defense Family , are debuting on Japanese TV this January.
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