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Will Debut Later This Month
December 1, 2008
Marvel has announced its second wave of online-first comics.
Only Two Titles Made Both Lists
November 6, 2008
As 2008 nears its end the inevitable “Ten Best” lists begin to appear.
Plus New Chaotic Series
September 4, 2008
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s begins its U.S. run in the 10:30 a.m. ET slot on CW4Kids on September 13th.
'Watchmen' Continues to Dominate
September 4, 2008
Traditional American-published graphic novels continued to dominate graphic novel sales in bookstores.
Three Vampire Knight Volumes in Top 20
June 4, 2008
Although Naruto remains the strongest property on the Bookscan Top 20 Graphic Novels for May, with both of the top two spots, Viz’s Vampire Knight also had three volumes in the top 20.
'Best Ever'
May 5, 2008
Keith Mallow of Collector's Comics in Fort Pierce , Florida shares his experience with Free Comic Book Day 2008 and declares it “the best ever.”
Interview with Brian Fahmie
April 27, 2008
We caught up with TC Digital Organized Play Manager Brian Fahmie at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas , and asked some questions about the upcoming organized play program for Chaotic.
Fumetti Fun From Stan-the-Man
March 6, 2008
Stan Lee's Election Daze is 96-page collection of photographs with captions.
'Speed Racer' & 'The Dark Knight'
February 19, 2008
Mattel has a potent lineup that includes the vehicle-rich Speed Racer and the new Batman film.
Better Terms from WotC?
January 23, 2008
Dan Barnett of Walt's Cards in Baltimore , Maryland , saw the news about Wizards of the Coast taking over Heroscape from Hasbro and hopes that better terms for retailers will follow.
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