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Another Expensive 2020 Misfire
March 8, 2020
Pixar’s Onward topped the weekend box office with an estimated $40 million, which leaves only a tiny chance at financial success for the animated film with a reported cost of around $200 million.
New Series from 'Wolverine' Writer Benjamin Percy
March 5, 2020
The zombies rise again in Year Zero, a five-issue series by Wolverine writer Benjamin Percy and Star Wars: Age of Resistance artist Ramon Rosanas.
From 'ICv2's Internal Correspondence' #97
March 4, 2020
This chart of the ICv2 "Author Graphic Novel Franchises" reflects sales in all trade channels for Fall 2019.
From Free League Publishing
March 3, 2020
Free League Publishing has revealed details for the Tales from the Loop Roleplaying Game Starter Set coming in April.
Part 3: The Heroes
March 2, 2020
In Part 3, ICv2 took a look at the bad boys and girsl of the DC Direct line revealed at NY Toy Fair.
'My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising' Anime at #4
March 1, 2020
Universal finally has both a critical and box office success with one of its “classic monsters” thanks to a contemporary reimagining of the H.G. Wells classic The Invisible Man for the #MeToo era, which topped the weekend box office with an estimated $29 million.
Disney, Decepticons, and the World's Greatest Detective
February 28, 2020
Publishers are closing the loop licensing manga based on American properties for English-language readers.
Column by Steve Bennett
February 26, 2020
This week, Steve Bennett expands upon his views regarding the YA Graphic Novel boom.
Guest Column by Nick Barrucci
February 25, 2020
"There is a retail minority that prefer[s] cancel culture over discussion and understanding."
Inclusive Line Will Feature Diverse Stories
February 25, 2020
The graphic novels in the Love x Love imprint will include girl/boy, boy/boy, and girl/girl stories.
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