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Josh Trank to Helm 'FF'
July 12, 2012
Hot young director Josh Trank will direct the Fantastic Four reboot.
Week of May 15th
May 13, 2012
The teen superhero movie Chronicle tops this week's DVD offerings.
Sales Estimates for March Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
April 9, 2012
These are estimates of the sales on graphic novels by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during March 2012.
With Matthew Vaughan
March 26, 2012
Writer Jane Goldman is working with Matthew Vaughan on a sequel.
Things Could Get Sticky
March 7, 2012
The phenom behind Chronicle is in talks to direct a Venom movie.
DVD Round-Up: Week of August 9th
August 7, 2011
No film of 2011 captures the geek soul like Greg Mottola's Paul.
One of Only 2 Comics in Past 6 Months Over 100K
April 11, 2011
Marvel's FF #1 topped the comic charts in March.
Column by Steve Bennett
March 17, 2011
This week, Bennett talks about the portrayal of libraries in comics and the recent appearance of Super-Hip.
Will Debut in ASM #656
December 14, 2010
Marvel has released the cover image for Amazing Spider-Man #656, which depicts Spidey in a brand-new suit of armor.
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