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And 'Spider-Man Symbiotes' OP Kit
November 30, 2014
WizKids OP for Summer also includes Spider-Man Symbiotes .
'Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld'
November 21, 2014
The comprehensive, 11-volume set will arive in June.
Spider-movies, 'Fantastic Four'
November 11, 2014
There have been some rumors flying on both Sony and Fox Marvel movies, which we collect here.
From Sony
August 5, 2014
Sony will release a Marvel movie centered around a female superhero in 2017.
Column by Steve Bennett
May 21, 2014
This week, Bennett looks ahead to the rest of 2014.
Sales Estimates for April Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
May 12, 2014
These are estimates of the sales on graphic novels by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during April 2014.
Column by Steve Bennett
April 30, 2014
This week, Bennett reviews this year's FCBD comics.
Deluxe Edition Has Electro Bust
April 29, 2014
Deluxe Edition Blu-ray has Electro bust packaging.
Producer Says
April 14, 2014
The schedule for Sinister Six and Venom continues to develop
Spidey Spinoff Moves Ahead
April 8, 2014
Drew Goddard will be the director of Sinister Six, moving the film ahead.
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