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Except RPGs
March 22, 2004
The new ICv2 Retailers Guide to Games #4 reports that the 2003 game market grew in three of four categories over the previous year, with CCGs, miniature games, and board and family games all up, and RPGs down.
Kicks Off in April
March 15, 2004
Wizards of the Coast is gearing up for a 15-city shopping mall tour to introduce fans to the new Duel Masters Collectible Card Game -- the CCG that vanquished Yu-Gi-Oh! in Japan.
The #1 Broadcast Saturday Morning Block
February 27, 2004
The WB has announced the makeup of its Saturday morning and weekday afternoon animated blocks for the new TV season.
New Licenses Include Rave Master, The Incredibles
February 20, 2004
Hasbro's 2004 line includes retro revivals and brand new media-driven properties.
New Releases & New Tournaments
February 16, 2004
Upper Deck has announced its 2004 plans for its category-leading Yu-Gi-Oh! collectible card game.
A Full Range of Expansions Planned
February 12, 2004
WotC's Duel Masters CCG debuts in March followed by four expansions in ten months.
Multi-Media Property Is a Potential Mega-Hit
February 10, 2004
ICv2 has learned that the 26-episode Duel Masters anime series will start its regular Saturday night run on the Cartoon Network's on March 13.
Second Marvel Series, Simpsons, TMNT, NHL to Come
February 9, 2004
What's the next big collectible fad? It could be Mighty Beanz , thimble-sized, capsule-shaped plastic 'jumping' beans.
Of 'Graphic Novels'
January 26, 2004
The first two titles on the current BookScan graphic novel list are strip reprints.
In Cooperation With Funimation
January 19, 2004
Target is setting up anime sections in over 700 stores.
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