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'Very Nice'
October 19, 2005
Bob Cosner of Bob's Baseball Cards, Comics & Games in Des Moines, Iowa saw the comments by Pat Fuge of Gnome Games and the ICv2 interview with Cory Jones of Upper Deck and agrees with Fuge that the sale of tournament packs at Wal-Mart is not what Jones said Upper Deck would do.
'Disregards the Hobby Market'
October 17, 2005
Pat Fuge of Gnome Games in Green Bay, Wisconsin saw the ICv2 interview with Upper Deck's Cory Jones and feels that recent actions by the company contradict statements made in the interview.
'Naruto' & 'Full Metal Alchemist' Are Real Contenders
October 18, 2005
Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist are the first two properties to come along in years with a real chance of rivaling Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball sagas in popularity.
In January 'Shonen Jump'
October 18, 2005
The Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon card comes stateside as a special premium with the January issue of Shonen Jump .
Yu-Gi-Oh! Down, Batman Up
October 17, 2005
Mattel Inc., the biggest toymaker in the U.S., posted disappointing earnings for the third quarter.
'Elemental Energy' and 'Warriors Triumph'
October 9, 2005
Upper Deck is planning a November release for Elemental Energy, the next expansion for the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.
Retailer Exclusives and the Challenging Future
October 6, 2005
In Part 2 of this interview with Upper Deck's Cory Jones, we talked about retailer exclusives, the competitive landscape, and the challenging future of the category.
Stewardship in the 'Fragile' TCG Market
October 6, 2005
In Part 1 of this interview with Upper Deck's Cory Jones, we discussed the 'fragile' TCG market, the role of community in supporting the market, and the steps Upper Deck is taking to support that community.
None through Distribution?
September 27, 2005
Dave Autzen of Reader's World in Springfield, Illinois received an e-mail this week that he would not be able to receive Upper Deck's Dark Revelation 2 from his distributor, and wonders how this fits with the company's shipping policies.
Weak Orders, Limited Distribution
September 27, 2005
Upper Deck recently announced to its customers that its Dark Revelation 2 product would not be available through hobby distributors, which caused some to question the rationale and Upper Deck's commitment to its hobby first shipping policy.
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