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Yaoi, International Manga Gain in Popularity
July 21, 2005
In issue #11 of the Retailers Guide to Anime/Manga published this month by ICv2, we took note of the increasing competition for rack space.
Toymaker Misses Projections
July 18, 2005
Batman did his best, helping boost sales in Mattel's Entertainment segment by 27 % for the second quarter, but it wasn't enough.
In 'Beckett Anime For Girls'
July 12, 2005
Beckett Anime For Girls includes a sneak peak at the second volume in Courtney Love's Princess Ai manga.
Column by Steven Bates
July 7, 2005
This week, Bates talks about battling the comic/game store stereotype.
'Downplay Collectibility'
June 23, 2005
John Riley of Grasshopper's Comics in Williston Park, New York saw the coverage of the current game market in the last ICv2 Retailers Guide to Games and feels that better long-term growth for games can be achieved if the trade downplays collectibility.
Anime Series From Geneon
June 22, 2005
The Kids' WB has acquired the broadcast rights to 26 episodes of the Viewtiful Joe anime series.
Another Down Year?
June 16, 2005
The first months of 2005 have continued to be very tough for game sales, after a weak 2004, according to the just-released ICv2 Retailers Guide to Games #8.
'Short-term in its Design'
June 12, 2005
Mark Bell of Bell's Comics in Grove City, Pennsylvania saw the article on Marvel's marketing push for 'House of M' and wants a different kind of marketing support.
'I Can See Both Sides'
June 7, 2005
Noah Broessel of Pop Culture Paradise in Tempe, Arizona saw the debate on Topps' Blockbuster exclusive for its new CCG, The Dozens , and says he can see both sides.
'Give the Products to Us First'
June 5, 2005
Len Osborne, Executive Vice President of Cardhaus Games in Lynnwood, Washington saw the comments by the representatives of Topps and Score and responded.
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