New 'Constantine' Featurette

Includes New Footage

New footage from the show, plus shout out to the comic.
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How Are Retailers Driving Comics Market Growth?

Questions for the ICv2 Conference

We ask top retailers from digital and print.
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'Justice League: Throne of Atlantis' Trailer

Aquaman OVA

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for the upcoming Aquaman OVA.
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'FCB: Break to the Future' Booster

Plus 'Tomorrow! Asmodai' Trial Deck

Plus Trial Deck Tomorrow! Asmodai.  Both in January.
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Jodorowsky and Bess; Baranko; Bec and Rafael

Humanoids' Fall 2014 Lineup

Humanoids announces three titles for fall release.
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Joaquin Phoenix Out as Doctor Strange

Filming to Start Next Spring

A new star is needed soon, since filming is planned for spring.
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Another DC Licensing Apology, for a Game

'We Screwed Up'

Wonder Forge admits culpability in not including playable female characters.
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Last Gasp Financing Fall Line

With Kickstarter

The alt-comics and underground art book publisher turns to Kickstarter.
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'Star Wars Rebels' Renewed for Second Season

Before TV Premiere

Before TV show premieres. Also Spark of Rebellion trailer.
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Amazon Suspends Hostilities with Disney

Brings Back Marvel Pre-order Buttons

Amazon has re-activated the preorder buy buttons.
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'Deadlands' Licensing Expansion

New GN, Prose Novels, Game Expansions

Graphic novel, prose series announced.  Plus card game expansions.
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'Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes'

Two Box Sets of Miniatures

Two new six figure miniatures box sets in Q1.
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