'Holiday Fluxx'

In October

A festive new edition of the hit card game arrives this fall.
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Dark Horse Names VP-Media Licensing

Nick McWhorter

Dark Horse has promoted Nick McWhorter.
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Disney's 'Infinity' Will Hit $1B

With Marvel

Intro of Marvel characters will put it over.
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'Meka' Collection in August

By Morvan and Bengal

Magnetic Press will release the hardcover collection of the two volume series.
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'Pathfinder Unchained'

New Hardcover Will Break the Rules

Paizo will release a 256-page hardcover of optional rules for the Pathfinder RPG.
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New Extended 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Trailer

Director Says He's Done

The director is talking about finishing and sharing images.  
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Asmodee Summer Releases

'Abyss,' 'Black Fleet,' 'Hyperborea,' 'Lords of Xidit'

Four new board games from noted designers planned for Q3.
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New 'CFV' and 'FCB' Boosters

'Infinite Rebirth' and 'Great Clash!! Dragon vs Danger'

New booster for both games arriving in September.
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'Zeppelin Attack!'

From Evil Hat Productions

Evil Hat Productions will release new deck building game in August.
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'Twin Tin Bots' by 'Small World' Designer

From Iello in June

Flatlined Games title, distributed by Iello, in June.
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Brandon Routh on 'Arrow'

Former Man of Steel to Play another DC Superhero

Former Supes to play another DC hero role for third season of show.
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Game Luminaries Design 'Magic' Cards

For 'Magic 2015--Core Set'

Famous video game designers have designed cards for the 2015 Core Set.
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