Toys R Us Seeks Refinancing

Of $1.4 Billion

Toys R Us is trying to raise $1.38 billion in new financing.
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'Sex Criminals' Sex Guide

'Just the Tips'

A new sex advice book by Sex Criminals creators Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky.
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Ares Gets 'Age of Conan'


Ares Games has signed a deal to re-launch the Age of Conan strategy board game.
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'The Last Parsec--Savage Worlds'

New Sci-Fi Setting for 'Savage Worlds' RPG

New sci-fi Savage Worlds RPG setting in 2015.
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Shatner Back for 'Star Trek 3'?

Confirms Talk With J.J. Abrams

Confirms he has been approached by producer J.J. Abrams.
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'Core Worlds: Revolution'

From Stronghold Games

New expansion for Core Worlds deckbuilding game in October.
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What Do We Know about the New Comics Customer

Questions for the ICv2 Conference

What does the data tell us?
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Star-Powered 'Equalizer' Tops Box Office

'Guardians' Surpasses 'Iron Man'

The Equalizer tops the frame as Guardians eclipses Iron Man.
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'L5R: The Currency of War'

New Learn to Play Set

New Learn to Play Set in December.
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'Pokemon XY: Hoenn Collection'

Also 'Collector Chest Tin'

Plus Collector Chest Tin, both in November.
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Valiant Entertainment Urban Vinyl Action Figures

Preview at NYCC

First figure will be previewed at New York Comic Con.
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'Firefly: Base Game: Resin Ships'

In February

New miniatures expansion for Firefly: The Game in February.
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