'Death of Wolverine' Memorial

Marvel Plans Major Retailer Event

Major retailer event, which includes retailer kit offerings.
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Two New Batman Ongoing Series

'Gotham Academy' and 'Arkham Manor'

Gotham Academy and Arkham Manor launch in October.
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By Jodorowsky and Beltran

Transpiring in the larger universe Jodorowsky crafted for The Incal and The Metabarons.
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Pokemon World Championships, Symphonic Evolutions

In Washington in August

Both in Washington, DC in August.
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DVD Round-Up: 'The Legend of Korra,' 'Helix,' & 'TMNT'

Week of July 1st, 2014

14 episodes of The Legend of Korra, plus TMNT and the SF thriller Helix.
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'The Strain' Billboards Too Scary For Hollywood

FX Taking Them Down

FX pulling image after negative social media buzz.
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'King of New York'

'King of Tokyo' Sequel in Q3

Updated info on King of Tokyo sequel which arrives in Q3.
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'Doctor Who' Season 8 Premiere Set

On BBC America

BBC America announces premiere with teaser video.
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'We've Always Acknowledged and Compensated' Finger

DC Clarifies Finger Stance

DC clarifies Bill Finger credit stance.
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'Wiz-War: Bestial Forces'

From FFG in September

New expansion for mage duel game in September.
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'Transformers 4' Posts 2014's 1st $100 Debut

Over $300 Million Worldwide

Which comic book movie is tops in 2014 so far?
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'Adventure Time,' DC, and 'Hobbit' 'Love Letter'

From AEG and Cryptozoic

AEG and Cryptozoic Entertainment plan three new licensed versions.
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