New Collection for Intergalactic Mercenary
September 22, 2017

DC is collecting Keith Giffen and Alan Grant’s take on gun-for-hire Lobo.

New Event for Comics and Graphic Novels, Licensing, Merch Pros
September 14, 2017
An ICv2 Announcement. Actress and fashion designer/founder of Her Universe Ashley Eckstein will be the keynote speaker.
Kaiju-Esque Hulk, Mecha Style Iron Man, and More
September 22, 2017
Marvel is bringing East and West together in a new collection.
As Modiphius Launches 'Infinity RPG'
September 22, 2017
Modiphius Entertainment is poised to unleash Corvus Belli’s science fiction skirmish game Infinity on a new quadrant of the gaming world with the Infinity RPG.
From NECA and Alcon Entertainment
September 22, 2017
NECA has partnered with Alcon Entertainment to release The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 ,
In New 'Mansions of Madness Second Edition' Expansion
September 22, 2017
The mysteries of Mansions of Madness are hitting the streets with the Streets of Arkham expansion.
Spring 2018 Titles from Koyama Press
September 22, 2017
Koyama Press has rolled out its announcements for Spring 2018, which will be its biggest season ever in terms of page count.
Updates Classic Ragnar Brothers Design
September 22, 2017
Z-Man Games will release a new version of the classic historical conquest board game History of the World.
Cosmo Makes a Comeback
September 22, 2017
If there's one common thread among recent announcements, it's a yen for the past.
ICv2 Stars: 3.5 (out of 5)
September 22, 2017
Here's a review of Massive Darkness , published by CMON/Guillotine Games.
From BOOM! Studios
September 21, 2017
BOOM! Studios will reveal the origin of the crew of the Rocinante this February.
Publisher Gathers Famous Fantasy Artists to Illustrate Card Game
September 21, 2017
AMIGO Spiel and Freizeit has revealed the cover art for Richard Garfield’s Carnival of Monsters, ahead of a Kickstarter to fund artwork for the game.
See Promo Photos, Unpainted Minis, Stat Cards
September 21, 2017
Knight Models is premiering its new line of resin miniatures for the Batman Miniature Game beginning with four Starter Sets and supporting figures.