Joe Murray of Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, Delaware sent us his report on Free Comic Book Day 2007:


This weekend as Spider-Man 3 broke box office records, over 2000 comics retailers across the United States gave away over 2 million comic books in this annual celebration of the art form.


The first Saturday in May was the biggest and best Free Comic Book Day ever in Delaware.  On Cinco de Mayo Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark was jumping!


How was this the best Captain Blue Hen event to date?  Let us count the ways:


-- More than 1500 comic-loving folks partied with us on Cinco de Mayo.

-- Those lucky visitors took home nearly 5000 free comics including Amazing Spider-Man, Umbrella Academy and Unseen Peanuts.

-- Five artists drew hundreds of pictures of our customers' favorite characters.

-- Half a dozen cool characters like Spider-Man and Darth Vader greeted the folks.

-- Dozens of kids broke open two toy and candy-stuffed pinatas.

-- Thoughtful visitors brought in hundreds of cans of food for the local food bank.

-- Revelers helped us raise hundreds of dollars for New Castle County Libraries.

-- Comics readers helped us raise hundreds of dollars for Operation Comix Relief.

-- At least two dogs were adopted from CompAnimals Pet Rescue.


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