Anime!Anime! (as relayed by Anime News Network) reported from TIFFCOM in Tokyo that Tokyopop announced plans to create a live action adaptation of Yuji Shiozaki's 12-volume seinen fighting manga, Ikki Tousen, which Tokyopop publishes in the U.S. as Battle Vixens.  The sexy Ikki Tousen/Battle Vixens manga is a loose adaptation of the classic Chinese saga, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, transposed to Japan where skimpily dressed girls (and the occasional guy) from different high schools fight it out.  According to the Anime!Anime! report, Tokyopop's live action version shifts the setting of the story from Japanese high schools to American college campuses.


Both the Ikki Tousen/Battle Vixen manga and the Ikki Tousen anime (released here by Geneon) are primarily known for their 'fan service' -- and Yamato's Ikki Tousen: Battle Sonsaku figure comes with an underwear-revealing mirror base that pays homage to the character of the series by providing a permanent panty shot (see 'Yamato's Ikki Tousen Battle Sonsaku Figure').