The major revelation to come out of the Watchmen panel at the New York Comic Con, where 15 minutes of footage was screened before a horde of eager fans, was definitive confirmation that there will be no giant squid devouring half of New York’s population during the film’s climax. 


Rumors of a change in the ending of the Watchmen movie have been rampant as reports have leaked out from those who have attended early screenings of the film and director Zack Snyder admitted that he had to make changes from the graphic novel in his film's ending (see “Anticipation for Watchmen Movie Growing”), but Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons appearing at Warner Bros. Watchmen panel clearly indicated that, “although the outcome is exactly the same as the novel,” the movie uses something other than the monstrous giant squid that Adrian Veidt engineered and sent to destroy New York City in the final chapters of Watchmen comic.


Gibbons indicated that “the McGuffin” is different in the movie, but he clearly sided with the filmmakers saying “The reality is that you have to make changes, and I think it has been done very well.”  The legions of readers who have made Watchmen one of the bestselling graphic novels of all time will be able to decide for themselves if they think that director Zack Snyder’s decision to eschew this visual reference to the apocalyptic, but often campy, giant monster science fiction films of the 1950s was appropriate or not when the Watchmen movie opens on March 6th.