The long-awaited Voltron live action movie has reverted to “reboot” mode.  Rights holder World Event Productions now indicates that neither the original Justin Marks script nor a more recent rewrite by Jeff Davis will be filmed.  Helmer Max Makowski, who was announced in late 2008 as the director (see “Voltron Gets Director”), has left the project.  WEP is continuing to work with Atlas Entertainment (Get Smart, Three Kings, Scooby Doo) to create a live-action Voltron film, but no actors have been cast.


Sources at WEP confirmed to the Latino Review that Makowski has left the project and that the Justin Marks script had been abandoned.   WEP also told the Review that the new Voltron animated series, which will air on Nicktoons (see “DBZK, Voltron, TMNT Toons”), will be titled Voltron Force, not Voltron Panthera Force as previously announced.  The new series will feature an expanded interracial team that will do battle with the classic villains returning from the original Voltron series.