Retailer Mike Banks of Samurai Comics in Phoenix, Arizona has a great suggestion on outreach to libraries during the upcoming Teen Read week.


October 13-19 is Teen Read Week in libraries across the United States.  This is a great opportunity for comic book retailers to help get kids into reading, and from there, into their stores.


Librarians nationwide are starting to recognize how graphic novels, manga, and anime can all be instrumental in getting teens to visit the library and becoming interested in reading and art.  Just check out what the American Library Association has to say at:


Every retailer should take a few minutes out of their day to make a phone call to one of their local library branches.  We did here at Samurai Comics, and the results were amazing!


We are helping the Glendale Public Library with a mini comic convention during Teen Read Week.  We have a team assembled to run gaming events such as Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments at several library branches.  We have seminars on writing and drawing comics planned at several other library branches in Phoenix and Glendale, and are sponsoring anime fests at many more branches across Arizona.


Every single librarian we have talked to has be thrilled to work with us on this progam.  Samurai Comics is helping the community AND introducing comics, anime, and gaming to a whole new generation of potential fans. And it all started with a single phone call.  What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and call your local library today!