I Am Legion, a French comic book written by Fabien Nury and illustrated by John Cassaday, has been optioned by a French production company that plans to make an English language film adaptation in Romania using a Spanish director. This international project is par for the course for I Am Legion, which was originally published by Les Humoides Associes in French and then by Humanoids/DC and Humanoids/Devil’s Due in English.
The World War II vampire tale focuses on attempts by the Nazis to capture and control a 12-year-old vampire girl with the capability to spawn an army of evil. British agents aided by Romanian freedom fighters attempt to thwart the Nazi’s plans, but they also have to deal with Nazis who have infiltrated their ranks.
Variety is reporting that Spanish director Nacho Cerda (The Abandoned) will direct the film from a screenplay by Richard Stanley (Hardware). Production on the modestly budgeted ($15 million) film will start in late 2011 with English actors.