Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger has been performing quite well overseas. So far it has opened in 41 markets and earned $115 million, which is 43.5% of its worldwide total of $265.2 million.  This is a strong performance considering that the film is yet to open in some of the bigger overseas markets and its foreign debut was kept at least a week behind its domestic rollout. 
It now appears that the film, which was once thought to be at a disadvantage in foreign markets because of its title’s nationalistic overtones (see “Cap’s Name Change Limited to 3 Countries”), should end up with over $200 million in overseas earnings.  While it is unlikely that Captain America will be able to match Thor’s foreign grosses, which amounted to $267.2 million, X-Men First Class’ total of $204.4 million is definitely within reach. 
Captain America: The First Avenger should eclipse X-Men: First Class’ domestic total of $145.5 in short order and will likely end up as the second highest grossing superhero film of the summer finishing behind only Thor’s $448 million total.