The CW network and Warner Bros. television are looking for an actress in her early to mid 20s who is at least 5'8" tall, to portray Wonder Woman in a new series that is being developed under the title "Amazon."  While the news that the CW, which has just scored a major ratings success with its DC Comics-based Arrow series, was developing a Wonder Woman-based series based on Alan Heinberg’s version of the WW origin story came out several months ago (see "'Wonder Woman' in Development as TV Series Once Again"), the casting call that went out earlier this week has stirred up something of a hornet’s nest among fans since the Wonder Woman character was referred to as "Iris" in the cast call description.
Not to worry, as DC’s Geoff Johns explained on Twitter, "If a WW show happens her name will be Diana.  Codenames like IRIS are used in casting a lot to try and avoid speculation."  But does the casting call mean that the CW has greenlit the pilot?  Not necessarily, though it is a good sign.  Finding the right actress in advance can actually speed the process of getting the studio’s approval for production of a pilot.  Stay tuned for further news on the development of yet another Wonder Woman series--and don’t worry that the WW character will be called Iris--that at least is not going to happen.