Seven Seas Entertainment has announced plans to release World War Blue, a three-volume manga series written by Anastasia Shestakova and illustrated by Crimson.  Volume one will be published in July with the sequels following in August and November.  No details, however, are provided on price or format.  Each volume will include extra features such as maps, pinups, character profiles, and other elements that explore video game history and culture.
Known as Aoi Sekai no Chusin de in Japan, the nine-volume manga is already an ongoing anime which airs in English via Crunchyroll.  World War Blue is a fantasy manga about the console wars, a series of struggles between video game corporations for market dominance and control.  Each of the major characters in World War Blue is a satirical interpretation of popular and recognizable video game figures.
Set on the continent of Consume, the battle engulfs the empires of Segua and Ninteldo.  Led by Emperor Marcus, the Ninteldo Empire has expanded its territorial control of Consume and threatens Segua with destruction.  Segua's final, greatest hope is a fast hero named Gear. 
This news follows closely on the heels of Seven Seas recent announcement of other manga acquisitions (see "Supernatural Manga Trio"). 
--Nathan Wilson