BOOM! Studios has acquired the rights to produce comics based on Robocop, and will launch its first product in August.  Nick Barrucci of Dynamite Entertainment, which published its last Robocop product in April of 2012 (see "Preview: 'Terminator/Robocop:  Kill Human' TP"), told ICv2 that the rights had reverted to the property owner (and were subsequently granted to BOOM!).  "We’re happy to see BOOM! run with it," he said.  "It looks exciting."  BOOM! did not respond to a request for confirmation that the creators in the teaser image with this article are involved in the creation of its August release.  

On the film front, the Robocop reboot’s release was pushed back from August to February 7, 2014 (see "Troubled 'Robocop' Remake Pushed Back").