Rich Biedrzycki of Dreamland Comics in Schaumburg, Illinois saw L. 'Bo' Bowman's comments on Namor (see 'L. 'Bo' Bowman of the Gamer's Den on Namor') and takes issue with the idea that selling out immediately is the goal.


I would like to comment on L. 'Bo' Bowmans IQ test comments.  I am confused what point he was trying to make?  Is he pointing out that Bill Jemas's comments caused him to short order Namor #1 and Namor #2?  Love or hate Jemas I would never let anything he said influence my business decisions.  I think 'Bo' did a huge disservice to his customers ordering only one copy of Namor #2 for the rack.  What did potential readers think when they walked into his store and the book was sold out?  Why are we as comic retailers fixated on 'selling out' and 'doing the happy dance if it sold out'?  I try to keep new comics issues in stock for as long as possible at cover price and available to potential readers.  I aggressively re-order sold out titles immediately and I am definitely not doing a dance when they sell-out, I am scrambling to restock them.


Although Namor did ship late why screw your CUSTOMERS for Jemas's comments?  What other industry treats products like this?  You think the local supermarket short orders bread because they are mad at the baker?  Or are they doing a happy dance when their eggs sell-out?