Legendary Entertainment division Legendary Comics has entered into a wide-ranging multi-year agreement with Penguin Random House Publisher Services, a Random House division formed in March by the merger of the Random House and Penguin distribution operations.  The agreement covers sales and distribution to the book trade, production, and publishing services. 
Diamond Comic Distributors will continue to distribute Legendary products to the direct market.
Legendary has had a fairly modest list, concentrating on graphic novels tied to parent company Legendary Entertainment’s movies, such as the recent Godzilla: Awakenings (see “'Godzilla' OGN from Legendary”), but now seems to be ramping up production of a more varied range of titles (see “Three Legendary Comics Series”).
“We want to deliver great comics, and this new agreement with Penguin Random House enables us to be much more effective in bringing our stories to readers,” David Sadove of Legendary’s Publishing Operations said.  “We are very excited by this new venture.”